Philips Heartstart

The most important development in the field of home defibrillation is the introduction of the Heartstart Home/HS-1 AED. This is one of the most widely sold devices and is extremely easy to use.

The HeartStart FR3 is the newest professional AED by Philips. The reliable FR3 has made a number of innovations compared to the forerunners, the Forerunner and the Heartstart FR2. The AED has a high resolution color LCD display, which is a big advantage in noisy surroundingsen. The HeartStart FR3 is also easy to change to the child mode.
The HeartStart AED devices, developed by Philips in collaboration with Laerdal, have the following characteristics:
  • equipped with a SMART analysis system, that for example, filters out the artifacts of a pacemaker, it works so refined, that this semi-automated external defibrillator (AED) is also approved for use on babies and children;
  • make use of the SMART biphasic shock, a shock with low energy (150 joule): This is the only defibrillation waveform recommended by the international guidelines. By an "smart" adjustment of the defibrillation waveform there is no higher power levels required to defibrillate successfully;
  • the effective functioning of the SMART technology is supported by comprehensive scientific, clinical data, and not just by laboratory examinations;
  • uses the same proven technology as in ambulances, hospitals, airports and aircrafts
  • clear understandable instructions guides the user through the entire process of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation) ;
  • internal record of data from an intervention, so that a doctor can precisely see what happened after defibrillation;
  • a daily, weekly and monthly self-test;
  • five year warranty on the AED device;
  • use of the 'one battery' concept which allows you to always use the AED device;
  • maintenance free.
Starting the HeartStart First Aid Defibrillator can be quick thanks to one intuitive action:

- The AED user pulls the handle of the defibrillation cartridge simply towards himself, or;
- The AED user presses the Start button;
  • The device is very user-friendly;with the use of  a pre-installed HeartStart SMART Pads Cartridge.
  • The possibility to activate additional detailed voice instructions: which guides the responder through each step of defibrillation and CPR. Lay responders greatly appreciate this support; 
  • The SMART pads 'feel' when they are removed from the cartridge and placed on the victim's chest , the device will adapt his speed to the one of the first responder in action
  • The HeartStart First Aid Defibrillator senses how far the user has already progressed in the resuscitation protocol and adapts his speed on to the one of the user. As a result the HeartStart indicates the corresponding instructions and provides additional messages if needed;
  • After a CPR cycle of 1 minute, the "Quick Shock" makes sure that the electric shock can be administered within 8.1 seconds. Because of this speed, the blood pressure obtained from the chest compressions decreases not as quick compared to the slower AEDs. A sufficiently high blood pressure increases the chance of a successful defibrillation;
  • With the "one battery concept" of the HeartStart you are sure of:
    - 90 shocks, or;
    - 3 hours of functioning, or;
    - a device that is for four years on standby (inclusive the self-tests with check on the defibrillation pads);
    -spare capacity of 9 shocks plus 15 minute monitoring, that is, the capacity that the unit has left after the signal has indicated a weak battery.
  • HeartStart First Aid Defibrillator checks the defibrillation pads inside the defibrillation cartridge during a self-test. This gives you the a guarantee that the HeartStart is always ready for use;
  • The excellent quality / price ratio of this unit. 
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