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Did you know that almost 10 % of the people present in a building at a certain moment can form a risk based on their physical condition?

If you are responsible for the transport of, for example, hart patients, pregnant women, people with disabilities or injured persons within your organisation, then we have the solution for you! 
The EVAC-chair provides indispensable help in transport of persons up and down stairs, and in the situations where one cannot use an elevator. The EVAC-chair provides you with optimal safety. 
   Evac+ChairThe EVAC-chair for optimal safety:

Indispensable for transport of persons on the stairs:
- ready for use within a few seconds
- can be operated by one person
- to use in situations such as fire alarm, bomb-alert, smoke-alarm etc
- does not block the fire-escape stairs; a person who is able to walk, can walk down stairs without any delay 
- fits in every safety plan

The unique glide / brake system provides a safe and comfortable transport on any sort of stairs, from wood to concrete.

The special EVAC chair is equipped with a double carrying handle which makes it possible to move persons to a higher floor or to cross obstacles. The kick-stand on wheels, when folded out, enables you to transport a person horizontally.

Every EVAC chair has easy-to-fix suspension braces which make the chair ready to use within seconds.

The EVAC chair has been a well-tried manner for transporting persons over the stairs for more than 20 years:

- ready for use within seconds
- can be operated by one person
- to use in situations such as fire alarm, bomb-alert, smoke-alarm etc
- recommended by Fire department

In multi-storey buildings evacuation takes place using the stairs, because lift shafts behave like chimneys during fire.

The stairs are a safe escape way.

In most emergency situations using a lift is dangerous or even not possible.

The EVAC chair proved highly effective many times. The best example for its excellence is of course the September 11 case. (A disabled person was carried down from the 69th floor of the World Trade Centre.)

The story is simple: after a fire-alarm the lift must not be used any more, and during an electricity breakdown the lift cannot be used any more.
For a transport with a stretcher 4 persons are needed. The EVAC chair only needs one person to operate it.

- the EVAC chair is ready for use in no time
- it can be operated by one person
- for persons weighing up to 130 kilograms
- during transport no obstacle to others
- delivered with a covering and instructions for use


- The unique glide / brake-system provides a safe and comfortable transport over all sorts of stairs.
- The special EVAC chair equipped with double carrying handle makes it possible to move persons to a higher floor or to cross obstacles.
- The kick-stand on wheels, when folded out, enables you to transport a person horizontally.
- Every EVAC chair is equipped with easy-to-fix suspension braces, which make the chair ready for use within seconds.

Available accessories:

- Stair Chair Comfy Seat
- Alarm
- Double carrying handle

Why purchase an EVAC chair?

- Because as an employer you are responsible for a quick an safe evacuation of employees in emergency situations
- Because this is a small investment , in relation to other safety materials
- Because the EVAC chair is approved by the CE and the TUV
- Because fire departments support its use


The EVAC chair is very user-friendly and can even be used without  previous training.

However, people are often uncertain in emergency situations, especially when people’s lives are at stake. In order to react in an adequate manner we advise you to follow a course / training.

You can easily order this product through our well-organized web-store.

Technical specifications Mk-3



9,5 kg


Max. 150 kg.



Measures (folded up)


117 cm


  52 cm


  20 cm

Accessories (among others):

Covering, a flashing name-plate, Stair Chair Comfy Seat, alarm, double carrying handle, EVAC+stand.

Other characteristics of the EVAC chair :

- carrying capacity of 150 kg, at a weight of barely 10 kg
- strong aluminium construction
- clear instructions for use imprinted on the back of the seat
- cushioned wheels, can sustain heavy load
- rough surface-finishing for a better grip
- adjustable glide system for the support of the head and the forehead
- coated pipes at the back side and around the seat
- safety belt with an easy-to-open clasp
- durable, colourproof, does not flake off, scratch-resistant
- easy to use kick-stand
- self-supporting with an EVAC+STAND

With every EVAC chair the following accessories are delivered:
- covering
- flashing name plate
- suspension braces
- instructions for use
- Other accessories are optional.

To provide extra comfort the Evac+Chair comfy seat can be purchased as a retrofit. This enables a person transported to sit in a higher position, which is more pleasant for disabled persons and makes it also easier to mount the chair.

Model 1600H is designed with 2 extra handles and 2 person operation for locations with difficult access, evacuations to higher floors or for crossing obstacles 

If the EVAC chair is placed in a room with an easy access, we can imagine you would like some protection against theft. For this purpose we deliver an alarm as an option.

The story of an escape of a man from the Tower 1 of the WTC on September 11

John Abruzzo“We were lucky in many ways,”says John Abruzzo. He (and 10 of his colleagues) barely managed to escape from the Tower 1 of the World Trade Center in New York. September 11 started out as a normal day for John, who was working as an accountant for the New York and New Jersey harbour authorities. When the first plane crashed into the tower, John, along with many others, tried to escape using the stairs. However, it turned out that for him it would be much more difficult to escape than for other people present at that time in the towers of the WTC: John is paralyzed from his neck down and needs an electric wheelchair to be able to move.

That day ordinary people were committing extraordinary deeds. Ten of those people were at John’s side. “They didn’t have to think about helping me to go down the stairs. It was a more or less collective decision, » says Abruzzo. John was brought to safety with a special evacuation device designed for physically disabled people. This was the EVAC chair emergency wheelchair of the EVAC chair Corp. “It took us an hour and a half to descend the 68 floors.” Although the chair was designed to be operated by one person, this special evacuation chair was operated by three to four people during this rescue operation down the 68 floors, because it was necessary to take turns during the descent.

When a bomb exploded in the multi-storey car-park of that same World Trade Center in 1993,

John’s evacuation took six hours. His electric wheel-chair had to be carried from the 68th to the 43rd floor, where John was placed on a stretcher and thus was able to be carried out of the building safely. Shortly after this incident a number of products and systems were purchased by the safety department of the World Trade Center, which improved the possibilities for the evacuation of the people present at the WTC. Using these products proved to be a matter of life and death on September 11, 2001. The lights stayed on while John and his friends were leaving the building, and thanks to a ventilation system in the stairwells the smoke was reduced to a minimum; thanks to the evacuation chairs purchased by the harbour authorities lives could be saved. John and his friends were able to leave the tower and were brought to safety only 15 minutes before the Tower 1 collapsed.
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