Escape ladders

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Roll-out ladders provide a fast additional escape way. They cannot be seen from the outside; the fronts of the buildings are not blotted in this way.

1. In our assortment you will find very stable and always ready-to-use Amigo chain ladders, which have to be assembled.

2. As an alternative there is a removable Escape-Aid with extra broad steps for stability. (available as Junior or Classic )

3. For buildings with slanted walls we can deliver a patented JOMIRO descending system..

4. If there is no need for stability and the capability for carrying a load is of a minor importance, then a GoRope rope ladder or an escape-rope are low-cost alternatives.


A roll-out ladder is invisible and unusable from outside. De ladder is assembled in a metal case, directly under a window. If there is an object in front of the window, for example a radiator, there are plenty of other possibilities for assembling the ladder.


By using the best material the ladder is stable and very capable of carrying a heavy load. It is ideal as an additional escape way (also to escort children). The ladders are low-maintenance and have steps which can sustain heat for a long time.


  • Available in the length 3,7 m to 15 m

  • Easy to assemble and low-maintenance

  • Unusable for burglars

  • Capable of carrying a load of up to 2000kg

  • Broad and heat-proof steps

  • Efficient protection at low cost

  • In white powder-finish case

  • An RVS-case is available against supplement payment



Step by step

  1. The fire-escape ladder is fixed to the window frame by bolts.

  2. In case of emergency, the lid of the case is cast outside through an open window. The ladder rolls out due to its own weight.

  3. During the escape the bottom of the case serves as the first step. The ladder has an adjustable hand grip at the window pane.

  4. On each side the ladder has supports to keep it away from the wall. As soon as you descend the supports push against the wall and thus the ladder becomes very stable.


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