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Fire-extinguish blanket (also called a fire blanket)

About 60, 000 people per year receive medical treatments for burns. The victims are often children and elderly people. It can, however, happen to all of us. Burn wounds are among the most hideous injuries that a person can fall victim to. Burns can carry lifelong consequences due to invalidity and ugly scars. The treatment of burns is often long and painful. In short: it is terrible to be burned.

The most important causes of fire in homes
  • the television set on a stand-by for a longer period of time and dust

  • wrong or clumsy use of appliances or defective appliances

  • washing machines and tumble dryers ( short circuit)

  • carelessness, forgetfulness ( cigarettes, candles, burning the food etc.)

  • a stove (fire in the frying pan)

  • smoking ( in bed, cigarette butts in the waste basket)

  • children at play, playing with fire

  By installing a fire-extinguishing blanket next to every possible seat of fire, especially in kitchens and workrooms, it should be quite easy to extinguish the fire without much damage.

Even when a person or their clothing is on fire, the “fire blanket” can, by wrapping a person in it, extinguish the fire in a safe manner. The Kitemark fire blankets type K75 and K100 can endure heat for a long time and will not catch fire so easily, even with less experienced users. By taking oxygen away, the fire “suffocates”.

Technical specifications

The most rigorous tests more than once proved the Kitemark fire blanket type ‘K100 1000 C’ to be the most reliable. While the cheaper three-layer and commonly coated fire blankets catch fire (from 3 seconds on), the ‘K100 1000 C’ remains non-flammable for up to 6 minutes.

New in our assortment is the Kitemark K75 fire blanket. This cheap fire blanket possesses a fire-resistancy somewhere in between the commonly used fire blankets and a K 100.

  • very inexpensive, with a five year guarantee for a K75 and
    10 years
    for a K100.

  • Kitemark certified and BAFE approved

  • five packaging possibilities

  • four sizes

  • flexible or hard,  red packing, if preferred with a seal

  • easy to assemble

  • black pull-cords provided

  • extremely reliable due to very long heat resistance

  • meets the most rigorous European norms BSEN (=NEN-EN1869)

Measures                   applicable for the extinguishing of…

100 x 100 cm                small fires such as fire in a pan, ashtray or a waste basket

120 x 120 cm                small fires such as fire in a pan, ashtray or a waste basket

120 x 180 cm                medium-size objects such as a TV set and computer screens

180 x 180 cm                bigger objects and extinguishing fire on clothes (by wrapping it up)

How does it work?

Fire blankets stop the supply of oxygen to the fire. By covering the object on fire with a fire blanket, the oxygen is prevented from reaching the fire and so the fire is extinguished. A fire blanket is made of fire-proof or poorly combustible material and it often hangs on the wall in a red package.

The way to use the fire blanket

If the fire has just started, you can throw the fire blanket over the burning object. You need to hold the blanket at the edges and wrap them around your hands. Put the fire blanket, by holding it away from yourself, gently over the burning object. You need to cover the fire entirely. The burning object must remain covered by the blanket until the fire has been extinguished and the heat has disappeared as well.

If you use the fire blanket to extinguish the fire on burning clothes on a victim, then the clothes and the part of the body underneath have to be wrapped tightly into the blanket. Be careful the fire cannot reach the face by putting the blanket tight around the neck.

It is important that the fire blankets are hung up in an easily accessible place where everybody can find them. Fire blankets can often be found in rooms where open fire is present.

Fire blankets are for one-time-use only; if you have used the fire blanket, you will have to purchase a new one.

Our fire blankets meet the strictest European norms BSEN 1869 (=NEN-EN1869).

I our well-organized web-shop you can find a wide range of products in various designs.


If a person is on fire

  • Extinguish the fire by rolling the victim over the ground; use, if possible, a heavy piece of cloth (a fire blanket, a coat, a blanket); do not use any synthetic fabric.

  • Put out the flames with water, except if the fire was caused by gasoline

  • Never run! This may stir up the flames.

  • Cool the fire burns with water.

Fire in a frying pan

  •   Do not walk holding an uncovered pan

  • Make sure the lid is on the pan, the flames will die out; when putting a lid on the pan, hold the open side away from you.

  • If it is necessary to take the pan outside, make sure the pan is covered.

  • Never run holding the pan, this may stir up the flames.

  • Cool the fire burns with water.

Fire caused by gasoline

  • Do not try to extinguish the fire with water; use the fire extinguishers; if you do not have one, leave the place of fire

  • Is a victim burning due to a gasoline-caused fire? Extinguish the fire by rolling the victim on the ground. Use, if possible, a heavy piece of cloth (a fire blanket, a coat, a blanket); do not use any synthetic fabric.

  • Never try to extinguish the fire using water! Use fire-extinguish appliances.

  • Cool the fire burns with Vestagel or water.

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