Prymos Fire Extinguisher Sprays

Smothers the fire in just seconds by simply pressing a button. It is light in weight, compact and can be operated with one hand. Because it works like hairspray in a can , deodorant etc. everyone irrespective of their age can use it.
The Prymos foam extinguisher works with a combination of a high-quality AFFF foam, high pressure of more than 9 bar and a special spray button. As a result, the fire is not "flooded" (what would need a lot of water) as with conventional extinguishers but the fire is covered with a thin layer of foam and the fire extinguishes (Micro-Fog Technology). Throw distance and spray time are therefore almost equal to a 6 liter fire extinguisher. A comparison: a 2 kg powder is spraying for 6 seconds, a 2 liter foam approx 12 seconds, a 6 liter foam approx 30 seconds and Prymos extinguisher about 26 seconds.

The application is not just for mobile use and deserves most definitely a place in buildings. Prymos has fairly recently won the Innovation Award 2013 in the category "Safe Work Environment".
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