Battery / Battery pack

We deliver the most commonly used type of batteries of the best brands from stock.  More information about batteries can be found using the tabs above.
Duracell Pro-Cell

Duracell Pro-Cell batteries are similar to Duracell Plus batteries and designed for industrial and / or high-volume users. The Duracell Pro-Cell is sold in a box of 10 and are less expensive than 4 pieces blister.

Suitable for general purpose applications. Such as the remote control, wall Clocks, alarm clocks, flashlights, weighing scales and so on.

Duracell Ultra M3

Duracell Ultra M3 is specially designed for all high tech applications. Digital cameras, toys, MP3 players en andere portable audio producten and other portable audio products function optimally with Duracell Ultra M3 batteries.These batteries can provide the extra energy that these applications often need.


Rechargeable batteries with long life, up to 1000x rechargeable, Calculate Your benefit  !
The GP's NiMH rechargeable batteries are especially designed to meet the demanding needs of today's high drain devices such as digital cameras.

Save on your expenses and save the environment by using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable . Thanks to the GP NiMH- technology, these rechargeable batteries retain their maximum capacity..


Buy an extra set of rechargeable batteries so you always have a spare set charged batteries at hand.
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