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Durable | KEY BOX

Durable  |  KEY BOX
- key cabinet incl. 6 free KEY CLIP 
- order extra KEY CLIPS in the shop
Select the desired capacity under options
Bestelnummer E091.25.00602
Weight 650,00 g
Fed up of chaos and disorder? The DURABLE KEY BOX is the stylish solution to the problem of secure key storage. The modern aluminium KEY Box range has a simple and understated style, and is designed for use with the innovative KEY CLIP.

The label on this unique key holder is always visible with the key located behind it. Producing clear and professional printed labels for the KEY CLIP key holders is straightforward and easy. Simply download label templates free of chrage. The KEY CLIP key holders hang on specifically designed key rail, which securely holds them, but also enables easy removal. The key rails can be attached at various heights to meet individual requirements.

The KEY BOX door opens to more than 90 degrees for ease of use. Wall mounting the KEY BOX is easy too! All wall fixings are included. The KEY BOX also features a sturdy lock and two keys for security.
Article number: E091.25.00602
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