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Durable | KEY CLIP - assorti

Durable  |  KEY CLIP - assorti
Durable  |  KEY CLIP - assorti
- 6 keychains for KEY BOX
Bestelnummer E091.25.00654
Weight 100,00 g
The innovative KEY CLIP revolutionises KEY BOX organisation.

The label in this unique key holder is permanently on show, with the key positioned behind. The KEY CLIP is designed to hang on specifically produced KEY RAILS. Precisely shaped indentations in the key rail ensure the KEY CLIP holders are held securely in place, but are also easy to remove. The "easy-open" label holder can be opened wihout needing to remover the key ring.

Label templates can be downloaded free of charge from this website. The KEY CLIP holders are made from high-quality plastic, and are available in 4 attractive colours:black, red, yellow and blue. Assorted packs also available.

KEY CLIP key holders ensure simple yet effective key storage.
Download the labelform.
Article number: E091.25.00654
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