Hydrogel is a “conductive” hydrophilic/hydrophobic copolymer adhesive gel that resists fluid and conforms well to just about all surfaces (sticks to just about everything).

Hydrogel is most commonly associated with medical industry, that sticky backing on those EKG electrode pads. Hydrogel offers an adhesive, breathable polyurethane border, eliminating the need for tapes and conforms to “hard-to dress” areas.

Used within a burn and wound sheet dressing, the Hydrogel protects the wound from dehydration and exogenous contamination.


More recently it has found uses within the construction industry (acts as a medium in which an ionic current will flow through and ultimately protects rebar from corrosion) and more importantly within the military as a key component of the “breacher’s” tool kit. Because of the nature of this gel, Hydrogel will adhere to almost all surfaces in most environmental temperatures.

This material can be easily cut into thinner width strips and shorter lengths to build traditional or custom charges. The material replaces or reduces the need for putty and/or riggers’ tape. Look for Hydrogel material in new technologies like SmartSkin™ for use within the diving industry.

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