First Aid

First Aid

Providing first aid with the right products can save a life, but being capable of handling situations which require first aid is at all times important. First Aid is often needed in moments when one would not expect it, making it of even greater importance to your first aid equipment ready and complete at all times. 

Basic products to provide first aid

Most people associate the term 'first aid' with emergency situations, but first aid is also needed in smaller accidents: when having a cut in your finger, of when a child incures a bruise. Make sure that you always have plasters, deinfection, and the other basic first aid products available. By doing so, you will always be capable of treating minor accidents. Do you have or work in a company where first aid products are required more often? Then a plaster dispenser can be a value addition to your regular first aid kit. With a plaster dispenser, a large amount of plasters is immediately available in a hygienic way.

First Aid Kits 

EVAC First Aid & Safety Products has the right first aid kit for every situation. A lot of our first aid kits are designed and assembled by us, through looking at the first hand experiences of our customers. All of these first aid kits meet the requirements set by the Orange Cross. In addition to smaller and bigger first aid kits for companies, EVAC also carries first aid kits for specific situations, such as first aid kits for use in cars, for children, for the German & Austrian market; even first aid kits for animals!
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