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Aspivenin vacuümpompje

Door het toevoegen van Aspivenin aan uw E.H.B.O.–koffer, bent u in staat om direct een eerste hulp ingreep te verrichten na een steek of beet.
Bestelnummer E060.01.06020
Manufacturer Aspivenin
EAN code 3544430002014
Weight 100,00 g



From the first sting or bite, to avoid itching, pain and unpleasant reactions, there is a fast, practical and effective solution: ASPIVENIN®
It's a suction mini-pump which painlessly removes all injected venom from insects (wasps, bees, horseflies, hornets...), snakes (vipers...), arachnids (spiders, scorpions, harvest ticks...), fish (weevers, scorpion fish...) as well as certain rash-inducing plants.
It has a double-chamber system with an extended locking piston which causes an instant and permanent depression of 800 millibars, ten times buccal suction.


ASPIVENIN® is of very light (26 gr) medical-grade plastic and is "stand-alone". It can be easily used with one hand.


ASPIVENIN® hygenically operates a suction of the whole infected wound. ASPIVENIN® works effectively from -5° to +50°C, and can be used hundreds of times.

ASPIVENIN® - how to use


1. Gently place the nozzle best-fitted tothe type and location of the sting or bite, then arm the device by pulling out the piston all the way.

2. With one hand, place Aspivenin with its nozzle on the wound.

3. Fully depress the piston and you feel a powerful suction. Let  Aspivenin act for 2 or 3 minutes.

This duration can easily be prolonged or renewed, especially in serious cases.

4. Then lift the piston button with the tip of the thumb to remove Aspivenin.

Article number: E060.01.06020
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